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THIS SATURDAY!! Just signed… One of the 2nd Round matches will be a Mystery Box Deathmatch!! What Deathmatch weapon is in the box?? Neither the fans or competitors will know until its pulled from the box!! We will be LIVE on IWTV across the World Get your tickets now JWM & PRO WRESTLING AFTER DARK Violence For The Sake Of Saturday, April 9, 2022 Anchor Rock Club | Atlantic City 7pm Doors | 8pm Bell | All Ages JWM & Pro Wrestling After Dark present a night Hardcore Action from our NEW Home in Atlantic City at the epic Anchor Rock Club!! The tournament matches are… Gusset Madness CASANOVA VALENTINE vs. BAM SULLIVAN Taipei Deathmatch SADIEE SUICIDE vs. RANDI WEST Home Run Derby DEMOLEDOR vs. Winner of SATU/CENZO Best of 7 Doors Dog Collar Match KASEY CATAL vs. SAWYER WRECK Hosted by Ring Announcer LARRY LEGEND! IWTV Commentary by SAM LETERNA & PETER DeLONGE! Also featuring Non-Tournament Action: PWAD Heavyweight Championship JWM (c) vs. BRANDON KIRK Death Match (Winner Faces Demoledor) SATU JINN vs. VINNY CENZO Plus a special appearance from ECW Icon THE SANDMAN!! #ForTheSakeOf If you’re interested in being part of this event as a sponsor, Email or DM either Chad Minnes or John Wayne Murdoch Sponsorship Options include Main IWTV Stream Sponsor, Talent Sponsor, & Match Sponsor.

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